WebStream V1.0 is a content management system to give you complete control over your website and online shop.
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To view the instructions you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. You can download this for free by clicking on the button to the right.

Adobe Acrobat Reader download
Adobe Webstream V 1.0 instructions (PDF)
Adobe Webstream V 1.0 webmail instructions (PDF)

Interactive Flash tutorials

Secure login screen
The Login Process
Site management
Site Information
Edit page
Creating new pages
Email marketing
Creating a product catalogue
Website marketing
Creating a links section
Email marketing
Email marketing
Website marketing
Website Marketing
Add - Edit products
Shopping cart and payment setup
Add - Edit products
Digital Map
Website marketing
Advanced Settings

Interactive Flash tutorials - Using the content editor

Secure login screen
The content editor basics
Edit page
Hyperlinks and popup windows
Site management
Using the image manager
Secure login screen
Using the media manager

Webstream V1.0 Screenshots

Secure login screen Site management Email marketing Add - Edit pages
Edit page Website marketing Add - Edit products Edit product
Website statistics Image Manager Media Manager Advanced Settings