WebStream V1.0 is a content management system to give you complete control over your website and online shop.
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Webstream V1.0 – a new concept in affordable web site design and development

Webstream V1.0 is the result of 28 months research and development to provide a tool based, content managed website that can be created by clients, in very short timescales, without the need to understand complicated programming languages or design techniques.

The product has been developed for the small to mid-range business market where it is essential that changes to products and sales strategies can be completed swiftly to meet market demand without the issues and cost associated with website re-design and amendment.

Features and Benefits of Webstream V1.0

Creating the website

Webstream’s graphic artists will initially work with clients to provide a bespoke, high quality design for the website which could include eye-catching 3D imagery and flash developments. Whilst the final design is strictly to client requirements, Webstream provide valuable help and advice on visual design techniques for maximising customer attention and retention.

Once the initial design has been completed, the website is ready to be developed by the client using the Webstream V1.0 toolkit.

Creating new pages

The Webstream V1.0 toolkit provides an easy to use content editor similar to Microsoft word with additional features to add content and images.

All the usual features for manipulating text are included in the editor including font, colour, tables, alignment etc. However, the ability to create image libraries and edit individual images for inclusion in website pages, allows the client to personalise each page and create unique designs and changes to the designs with minimal effort.

Creating a product catalogue

For e-commerce clients, Webstream V1.0 includes the ability to create an unlimited online product catalogue. This includes the ability to define and uniquely categorise each product including the capability to attach product images. The product editor provides a simple solution to moving, or deleting products to and from categories.

Potential customers quickly move to another website if they are unable to find the product they are searching for quickly and easily. Webstream V1.0 features a facility that provides the ability to refine searches dynamically on up to four category fields.

Creating transaction handling

Webstream V1.0 includes a shopping cart facility featuring the ability to add multiple products and quantities with the capability to set delivery charges based on location and cost. With the ability to set discounts for both products and delivery charges, transaction handling provides the flexibility to maximise profit margins in a competitive market.

The shopping cart is easily integrated with the clients preferred major payment processor with just a couple of clicks on the mouse.

Creating marketing campaigns

A cost effective method to communicate with existing or potential customers is to create email-marketing campaigns. Webstream V1.0 provides the capability to create email listings and newsletters and generate emails for an unlimited number of campaigns. Once created, each campaign can be edited and re-sent when required.

Statistics of visitors to the site have been included which can be analysed to provide additional marketing opportunities or changes to marketing strategies.

Creating search engine status

The tools developed in Webstream V1.0 have been constructed to maximise search engine status. Although the popularity of the website with search engines depends on a number of factors, clients can be assured that their site is highly optimised to enable search engines to quickly establish status.

A collection of useful tools to monitor and enhance the website to maximise search engine popularity is included in the Webstream V1.0 toolset. These tools provide the ability to track and analyse the website’s popularity, performance, links, keywords and view a current résumé of your website as seen by search engines.

Creating website links

Reciprocal linking with other website owners will increase search engine popularity and the potential for new customers. Webstream V1.0 includes the ability to search for websites that will provide links together with the capability to create and categorise links in a number of different formats.

An analysis of the visitor statistics will enable clients to evaluate the success of their links.

Creating meta tags

Webstream V1.0 automatically creates meta tags which are used by search engines in a number of different ways. For the more advanced user, a facility is incorporated to write and set parameters for meta tags manually.

Customer Support

Apart from web-based tutorials and a user guide, Webstream is committed to providing on-line and telephone support by UK based technicians and consultants who ensure that professional help and guidance is available when needed.


Westream understands the necessity of small and medium sized businesses to maximise sales through flexible e-commerce solutions. However, the costs associated with the initial design and ongoing maintenance and support often exceeds the available budgets or significantly reduces profit margins.

Webstream V1.0 offers a complete, high quality e-commerce solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house or outsourced websites with the benefit of flexible payment arrangements and first class support.

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